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Club of fans of easy money

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Casino VIP round

Casino Round in Tbilisi

Exclusive the VIP the offer from the Casino "Adzharia".
For those who would like to make the magnificent VIP rest.

We invite you every week in any day of a week-end in Tbilisi
    For wishing there are individual visits in any day of the week.

    There is a possibility of a departure from other cities according to the arrangement. Leave to us inquiry, and we will contact you.
Our cost:
The deposit from $5000 in casino cash desk in exchange for counters.

Payments to $200000 in the Russian poker.

Return from 10-20% in case of loss.

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  • Jack faded
  • Jack switch faded
  • Poker
  • Herds poker
  • Jay poker
  • 6-card poker
  • Texas poker
  • Slot machines

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, in 1936 the city was known as Tiflis. He received the name because of hot sulfuric springs (Georgian "tbili" means "hot") according to archeologists, the territory of the city was populated at the beginning of the III-IV centuries of our era. As the city of Tbilisi is mentioned in the IV century. Within century, the city became one of the most important centers of trade, crafts and culture in the Middle East. The historical center Tbilisi ("The old city") is located at Mtatsmind's foot.
It really very old part of the city which kept narrow paved a brick the streets flying up and down. Here you can see ruins of medieval buildings Narikal's (1278-1293) lock, churches of Metekhi, "Norashen's" ancient temples, "Dzhvaris mama", "Betlemi", "Metekhi" of the palace of queen Daridzhan "Sachin". Age of these buildings 3-4 centuries. Almost all buildings in the historical downtown are history and culture monuments. Here, there always there are a lot of tourists. In the center of old Tbilisi there are also Armenian Apostolic churches, synagogues and Muslim mosques. In old part of the city there are well-known sulfuric baths of Tbilisi. They are called still by baths of tsar Rostom. They are on the street, near Grishashvili Kury's dock. The most beautiful bathtub Orbelinsky. On each side decorate minarets, the lancet facade is decorated with blue tiles. It also call a blue bathroom. Inside, number very pure and beautiful, walls in a mosaic to a green and white ceramic tile. There are also bathrooms Bebutovsky, Sumbatovsky, Zubalovsky. All bathtubs in Tbilisi were called in honor of their former owners. About these bathtubs I spoke with enthusiasm, Alexandre Dumas who has visited them in travel to the Caucasus, and even Alexander Pushkin who wrote in 1829: "Never in life I saw in Russia and Turkey of more magnificent bathtubs, than Tiflisa. "Today hay bathtubs of Tbilisi are very popular among tourists. In a bathroom there are separate parts, the small pool is filled with water with hydrogen sulfide. And after special massage, you feel revived.

Turtle lake

The picturesque lake is a favorable place for inhabitants and city visitors in Tbilisi, called so because of abundance of turtles once living in these parts. The lake is in three kilometers from Tbilisi at the height of 800 meters and is surrounded with the wood. To the lake it is possible to rise on the highway or by means of a ropeway enjoying a type of a magnificent panorama of the city of Tbilisi. The lake is fed by mountain streams, therefore water always the clear. Round the lake well equipped, convenient and pure beach. On a beach there is everything that is necessary for rest - umbrellas, chairs, tables. Along a beach there is a cafe and bars in the open air. For travelers with children, there are playgrounds.

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