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Club of fans of easy money

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Туры в Монако

Роскош и тепло Монако

Туры в Монако

Ночное Монако

Подводное плавание


Водопд. Монако.

VIP package

Casino rounds in Monaco

    The exclusive VIP-offer from a casino of Monaco.
    The deposit from €10000 in casino cash desk in exchange for counters.
    Return from 10-20% in case of loss.
  • Roulette
  • Caribbean poker
  • Black jack
  • Baccara
  • Bones
  • Video poker
  • Poker Texas
  • Slot machines
  • Electronic roulette

    In the Principality of Monaco everything is made in order that you didn't miss neither in the afternoon nor at night:
  • sports entertainments outdoors: tennis, golf, running and bicycle paths;
  • places for walks in magic parks and city gardens;
  • luxury of pleasure of shopping in the most prestigious shops of the world collected in the Monaco center;
  • set of museums, entertaining and cultural centers;
  • gastronomy: more than 150 restaurants of all levels;
  • for fans of night life: casino, movie theaters, bars and discos;
  • in love with art: opera, theaters …
  • set of exhibitions, competitions and representations during the whole year

The Principality of Monaco - rest in Monaco and Monte-Carlo

    The tiny Principality of Monaco is located in the south of Europe, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, on a joint of the Maritime Alps and the well-known French riviera. By land borders only on France. Today the country is high on the list in the world on population density. In the convenient bay Monaco it is located very picturesque and quite large (on 700 shvartovochny places) port where the most magnificent yachts from all over the world come.
    Monte-Carlo, one of four districts of Monaco, truly is concentration of grandiosity, chic and wealth. Undoubtedly, the area center - a casino of "Monte-Carlo" - one of the first gambling houses in Europe, still the most magnificent and respectable gambling institution of a planet.
    Today the tradition прождолжается and Monte-Carlo presents to the real fans of game the unique atmosphere and opportunities. Games in thirty and forty, the railroad, bank on two tables, the English roulette, and certainly the European roulette revive every evening the Casino legend with more than century history. The American games Punto-bank, крапс, the American roulette, without forgetting, of course, the well-known blackjack 21 - in Monte-Carlo, without doubts, all win feeling of the exclusiveness, participation in elite.

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