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Club of fans of easy money

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Казино Амбассадор

Казино Ambassador

Номер в отеле казино

Номер в отеле казино

Номер в отеле казино

Номер в отеле казино

Номер в отеле казино

Номер в отеле казино

Барселона Казино прогулки по городу

Барселона Казино прогулки по городу

Барселона Казино прогулки по городу

Барселона Казино прогулки по городу

Барселона Казино прогулки по городу

Барселона Казино прогулки по городу

Барселона Казино прогулки по городу

VIP package

The exclusive VIP-offer from "Gran Casino De Barcelona" and "Gran Casino Costa Brava"

    Arts Barcelona 5 hotel * (Arts Barcelona 5 *) represents a combination of unusual architecture of the multystoried building, modern design and high comfort. Arrangement: on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea on one of the best beaches of Barcelona, overlooking Port Olimpic, in close proximity to smart restaurants and shops. From the top floors of hotel the panoramic view on the sea and Barcelona opens. In numbers: satellite television, video, possibility of connection of PC/fax, minibar, CD a player, cleaning in numbers twice a day. At your service: the fitness center, some bars, the restaurants, the open pool, own parking, round the clock laundry, on demand the nurse, a morning paper in number, massage, animation for children.
    In Casino de Barcelona there is a set of restaurants among which Japanese, Mediterranean, Italian, and also dinners "buffet" are offered. Dishes prepare from fresh products and are very modern. At La Brasserie restaurant "buffet" is offered, to La Terrazza give the Italian dinners, to Le Gourmand – dishes Mediterranean, and to Teppan-Yaki – Japanese cuisine.
      The deposit from €5000 in casino cash desk in exchange for counters.
    • Roulette, 22 tables
    • Caribbean poker
    • Black jack, 15 tables
    • Baccara, 3 tables
    • Bones
    • Video poker
    • Poker Texas, 8 tables
    • 275 slot machines
    • Electronic roulette
    • In a casino daily poker tournaments with big prize funds are held

    The capital of Catalonia - absolutely Mediterranean city. It is caused not only its geographic location, but also and its history, traditions and cultural influence. The history of the city begins since the basis of the Roman colony on this place, in the second century BC.

    The culture and the fine arts prospered in Barcelona, as well as in all Catalonia. Barcelona, is more than the city, it is meeting of the many-sided and various cities. The tourist unfamiliar with his history, will be surprised how such modern city keeps the historical Gothic center, almost without changes, and also to curious contrast between a labyrinth of narrow streets and to the accurate plan of the city Expansions project of the end of the 19th century.

    Gran Casino Costa Brava and Gran Hotel Monterrey


    Lloret De Mar - one of the most known resorts of Spain, the main thing "summer embassy" Barcelona, the capital Costa Brava. Lloret De Mar's hotels start being filled at the end of April. From the middle of June and up to the end of September to find here free hotel not easy. In Lloret De Mar, in the downtown, is located the most popular beach of all coast Costa Brava who lasts on one and a half kilometer, and on which in summer months there's not an inch of room. In general, beaches are one of Lloret De Mar's main sights. In total in the resort 8 beaches are located, and practically each of them is marked out by the Blue Flag of EU for purity. The Calla Kanyelles (Cala Canyelles) of Lloret De Mar shares a beach with one more resort Costa Brava – Tossa de Mar. The beach Sa Kaleta (Sa Caleta) is well-known for the lock which towers over the coast. Beaches of Treumal, Santa Christina, Kala Boadella, Fenals – they everything are distinguished by excellent white sand and the picturesque nature. Lloret De Mar has reputation of the center of youth rest in Spain. Clubs and discos have as the residents of the most known DJs of Spain and Europe. It is considered one of the main places of night life of Lloret De Mar Tropics Disco in the resort center. It should be noted that besides numerous discos, the main resort Costa Brava is also known as one of the centers of gamblings of the coast.


    Guitart Gran Hotel Monterrey is located in Lloret de Mar, on a place of the ancient fishing village. It is the ideal vacation spot for those who wants to run away from "the stone jungle" and to live among a charming green landscape and the beaches purest in Europe. Constancy in maintenance of level of service and the schooled personnel became a distinctive sign of hotel among other institutions Lloret de Mar.

    Types of numbers:
    gransuite (a bedroom, a drawing room with a bathroom, the hall, the second drawing room, a separate bathroom with a jacuzzi and a shower, a CD player) single rooms of luxe (a bathtub, a shower, a CD player) single rooms of single (there is in a garden, a bathtub, a shower) double rooms of superior (a terrace overlooking a garden, a bathtub, a shower) suite (a bar counter overlooking the sea, a bedroom, a bathroom about a jacuzzi, a CD player).
    Hotel infrastructure:
    - gift shop

    - newsstand

    - information bureau for tourists

    - business-center

    - 4 conferences-hall (Wi-Fi, linguistic accessories, projectors, screens, separate exit)

    - tropical garden "Monterrey"

    - garden "Mistral"

    - diving

    - center-park of water attractions.

    Entertainments and sports:

   - the opened and closed pools

   - casino

   - beach club

   - Spa center

   - the pool with heating

   - gym

   - sauna

   - medical shower

   - Turkish bath to "boors"

   - recreation area

   - beauty shop

   - health center

   - equestrian sport

   - tennis

   - squash

   - windsurfing

   - cruises round the island

   - water ski

   - walks on a canoe

   - diving with a mask

   - soccer

   - karting.

    Restaurants, bars:
    - Restaurant buffet: it is located directly before smart gardens of hotel and has a big terrace on which you not only can take pleasure in buffet dishes, but look at culinary show. - Restaurant at the pool: offers a buffet, a lunch and "A la the Card" meat and fish dishes for a barbecue. - FREU restaurant: it is ideally located opposite to Mistral park and a terrace for rest, it is decorated with scenery on a sea subject. In the menu original dishes of Catalan kitchen. - The main bar in the hall: from it the wonderful view of the garden "Mistral" opens, borders about a reception and a zone of conference rooms. - Bar at the pool: it is located opposite to the seasonal pool, offers entertainment program both for adults, and for children. - Cocktail bar: it is focused so that visitors could enjoy a decline in hotel gardens, there is a section for smokers.

General office:

Moscow, Tverskaya 12,
building 2

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Казино Барселона

Казино Барселона

Казино Барселона - зрелище

Казино Барселона - море, солнце

Казино Барселона - фонтан

Казино Барселона - ужин на воздухе

Казино Барселона - ужин на воздухе

Казино Барселона - ужин на воздухе

Казино Барселона - ужин на воздухе

Казино Барселона - ужин на воздухе

Казино Барселона - ужин на воздухе

Казино Барселона - ужин на воздухе